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Order Processingre-packed(non-packed)3/order(3/order+3/SKU)
Weight Charge
2/KGCharge to the order weight

  • 1.Sent To FBA Warehouse in Europe
  • 2.Sent To FBA Warehouse in USA

Rates: Check below the rate card (Currency: CNY).


Trace and Track: Normal it will cost 5-8 working days since pick-up to last mile delivery.

We offer shipping service to FBA warehouse in UK, German, France, Spain, Italy and Netherlands. You can have the below benefits:

●No VAT No. needed. 

We handle it for you. Never let the VAT No. to be your barrier to sell in the Europe.

●Save your money. 

If you use DHL or UPS to ship your packages to FBA warehouse in the Europe, you have to pay more than 30 Yuan/KG. Our price starts from 27.5 Yuan/KG. And we can give you more discount based on the volume.

l Received From FBA Warehouse

We also offer the re-labeling service for FBA returns. Sometimes, when your products don’t match the rules of Amazon or encounter poor sales. You may need to re-label the products then send to another FBA warehouse. We can do it for you. Just return you package to our warehouse, we will re-label the products according to your request and send to another warehouse. You can also keep your products in our warehouse, and we will do the fulfillment for you. With our service, you will never worry about the strict rules of Amazon. See below our charges for FBA returns.

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